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Concussions can be either mild or serious brain injuries

May 1, 2015 | Brain Injuries

Brain injuries that are suffered in car accidents are not always as clear and simple as other injuries. If you get a concussion in a crash in British Columbia, for instance, it could range from so mild that you barely notice it to so severe that it will impact you for the rest of your life. These differences are very important to note when trying to determine how much compensation is needed for the injury.

Your spinal fluid is in place to protect your brain; when moving your head at normal speeds, it allows the brain to move slightly in the fluid without hitting the inside wall of your skull. The brutal, sudden impact of a car accident can be too much for the spinal fluid, though, allowing your brain to hit your skull and causing bruising and even bleeding.

In some cases—again, not all incidents are the same—a person who has a concussion is going to black out or pass out. Individuals may wake up a few seconds later or even a few minutes later. When asked what occurred, they may not remember the crash, and particularly severe concussions can also cause them to forget other things that happened during the day. If you feel groggy and have no idea how you got into the vehicle, the odds are good that you have a concussion.

Other symptoms include an inability to track moving objects with your eyes, nausea and dizziness. You may also feel very tired, like you have not slept in a long time. Furthermore, you could have mild to severe headaches. While these symptoms can be treated, it often takes a while for full healing.

Source: Web MD, “What is a concussion?,” accessed April 29, 2015


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