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Get the compensation you deserve after a car accident

Sep 24, 2015 | SUV Accidents

It doesn’t take much speed to change the outcome of an accident. The weight of most vehicles makes it possible for a crash to cause injuries, even at lower speeds, but the extent of those injuries may be worse the faster a vehicle goes. A car accident at 10 kilometers per hour could be minor, while one at 20 kilometers per hour could start leading to more serious injuries. It’s true that even a few kilometers per hour faster can lead to deaths when injuries may have been suffered if one driver was moving slower.

Speeding is a crime for a reason: It puts the lives of others and the driver at risk. When you’re in an accident with someone who was speeding, you’ll likely be working with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the ICBC, to get the compensation you deserve. The problem is that the ICBC doesn’t work for you, and that can mean you aren’t going to be offered as much as you should.

With your lawyer to help, you can focus on presenting your reasons for wanting a certain amount of money in a settlement, and that way, it may be easier to stay out of the court room. Many car accident cases settle out of court, so you can focus on your healing and health instead of worrying about making court appearances.

Our website has more information about the way car accidents can impact you and how you can fight for the compensation needed to care for long-term injuries and the impact a severe injury can have on your life.


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