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SUVs increase risk of crash fatalities

Sep 3, 2015 | SUV Accidents

Big cars are common in locations where many trucks pass through or terrain is rough, but as the world changes, more and more people are starting to buy SUVs to protect themselves. What’s interesting is that these large vehicles may actually be putting more Canadians at risk, even thought that was the opposite of the intention. As someone who may own a small car, it’s important that you understand that the SUVs on the road are more dangerous for you than for others in larger vehicles. In fact, they can be deadly and cause crushing injuries.

In one situation, a 53-year-old woman was driving when a truck started to drift into her lane. At that point, the truck, a Ford that was customized with a lift kit, rolled over the vehicle’s cab and crushed the woman inside. The teenaged driver in the truck wasn’t hurt, but it showed that these larger vehicles have the potential to cause real harm.

Larger vehicles kill because the bumpers don’t line up to the same height as other passenger vehicles. Their frames are heavier and solid; they don’t bend on collision. The purchase of these vehicles has risen due to low prices for gas and the want for safety, but the trade-off is that it’s only the people inside the larger trucks that are more likely to survive an accident.

It’s normal to focus on the kinds of vehicles that will help keep you alive in a crash. Of course, buying a larger car means it will take a quicker, stronger force to injure you in a crash. What’s unfortunate is that driving an SUV actually makes the driver 224 percent more likely to cause a crash that results in fatalities.

Source: National Post, “Big cars kill: ‘Monster’ vehicles may make Canadians feel safer, but they’re more likely to cause fatal collisions,” Tristin Hopper, accessed Sep. 03, 2015


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