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What makes SUVs so dangerous for other drivers?

Oct 16, 2015 | SUV Accidents

Sport utility vehicles are said to be safer now than ever, but are they really? According to a study performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, some models are now safer than riding in cars, but that in itself is a problem if you’re not the person in the SUV. Getting into an accident with one of these SUVs could put others at risk, especially if it is prone to a rollover.

If you’ve been in a crash with an SUV, you may be fighting for compensation due to the injuries you’ve suffered. It’s important to realize that as the years go on, SUVs are getting bigger, stronger and less likely to be damaged. It’s even been suggested that SUVs are safer to drive than other vehicles, which is a scary thought if you’re someone driving a car.

What makes an SUV dangerous to other cars? First of all, they can roll. While the news reports that SUVs are now safer and less likely to roll in accidents, that’s only true in newer models. When people are driving models from before 2005, electronic stability control systems may not yet have been installed, and that means the vehicles could collide with others, roll and cause crushing injuries.

The size and weight of an SUV can also be dangerous in a collision. The heavy weight makes it easier to crush the opposing vehicle, and the size means it’s tall enough to impact the windows of a car instead of the bumper or doors. This puts the people inside at an increased risk of injury and death.

Source: ABC News, “15 Most Dangerous and Safest SUVs,” Michael Murray, accessed Oct. 15, 2015


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