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Are bicyclists or drivers more likely to cause an accident?

Jun 7, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents

When you ride your bike, you want to stay safe. Many times, you may have heard how it’s your responsibility to prevent accidents. The fact is, it’s both your responsibility and the responsibility of drivers to avoid bicycle/car accidents.

Are bicyclists or drivers more likely to cause an accident?

While many people believe that it’s bicyclists who cause more accidents, the truth is that it’s more likely to be drivers who cause accidents in Vancouver. According to a report from 2015, 93 per cent of all vehicle-bicycle accidents took place because a driver struck the cyclist or cut the cyclist off in traffic.

How many bicycle accidents involve vehicles?

According to the data, around half of cyclist collisions involve cars. This might mean the driver passed through a two-way stop ignoring a cyclist or opened a door in a cyclist’s path, causing the cyclist to be involved in a head-on collision. Vehicles making left turns caused the most collisions, likely because of cutting off cyclists in the other lane.

Who is responsible if a cyclist runs into a car’s open door?

If a driver opens a door into the cyclist’s path, the driver is at fault for failing to make sure the course is clear. These accidents are called doorings, and they’re one of the most common reasons for accidents between cars and cyclists.

Are drivers always responsible for accidents?

Drivers are primarily responsible, but they aren’t always. Some cycling accidents are the fault of cyclists alone; around 21 per cent involve no other vehicles. The rest may be cases where you’d want to make a claim against a driver who was not providing for your right of way.

Source: Vancouver Metro, “Vancouver drivers at fault in 93% of collisions with bicycles: city report,” Emily Jackson, accessed June 07, 2016


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