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What Is The First Thing I Should Do After Being In An Accident?

The first thing you should do after being in a motor vehicle accident is make sure you get treatment from your doctor. Tell the doctor all of your symptoms. If you miss any injuries in your statement, ICBC may argue the injuries were not caused by the accident. Always consult your physician and a lawyer.

  • Injuries develop over time, you won’t be aware of all the injuries you’ve suffered.
  • Make sure to tell your doctor every little thing that is different in your health since the accident.
  • For example: if you find you have an earache or a sore jaw after your accident it could be temporomandibular joint injury (TMJ). You may actually think you just have an earache or a head cold. This injury is caused by the shoulder seat belt, the only thing that is loose on your body is your head. This causes a whiplash effect: your head is pushed back into the seat and then pushed forward. Muscle cartilage holds your jaw together, it is easy to injure your jaw.
  • This injury happens frequently and people have no idea what it is. They usually don’t tell their doctor because they don’t think it is related.

The next order of business is for you to Tell Del. This way you will get advice on how to tell ICBC about your accident. Or you can ask Tell Del to report the accident on your behalf. Remember when you call ICBC they will record everything you say. It will be difficult to correct.

The fact is, if you deal directly with ICBC without talking with a lawyer first you won’t know what you should and shouldn’t tell them. You may end up telling ICBC things they are not entitled to know or relevant to your claim. These things may allow them to reduce your claim. It is in your best interest to contact Tell Del and get the advice you need before you call ICBC.

Remember when you call ICBC they will record everything you say. It will be hard to correct anything said. It is hard to keep all the little details straight when you just went through an accident. For example, if you are talking with ICBC, they are asking questions about the speed, if you saw the other car first, you could answer correctly or incorrectly and may never know. Tell Del will always look out for your best interest.

Always remember Tell Del provides free consultations. At Tell Del you will receive the advice and representation you need to ensure you get every penny you are entitled to. Our goal is to allow you the peace of mind to focus on your recovery and to get your life back to normal.


BEFORE YOU TELL ICBC. We can help you right now. Before you talk to ICBC, contact us. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours.

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