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Injury Lawyers For Hit-And-Run Accident ICBC Claims And Unidentified Motorist Claims

Victims injured in hit-and-run accidents, or where the other vehicle is unidentified, are particularly vulnerable. While dealing with physical pain and rehabilitation, they have the stress of not knowing who hit them. They might be confused about their legal rights, at a time when their focus should be on healing.

If the responsible vehicle driver left the scene without providing his or her particulars, you have a claim against an unidentified motorist. Alternatively, if the person responsible for the accident was uninsured, you have a claim against ICBC.

If you are a hit-and-run accident victim, call Tell Del. Do not report your auto collision to ICBC. Call us and we will do it for you.

We can be your advocate through all stages of your accident claim with ICBC.

Focus On Your Well-Being After A Serious Accident

Hit-and-run accident victims are often pedestrians. The devastation that a vehicle can cause when it strikes someone who is completely unprotected can be catastrophic. Living with the effects of a brain injury or spinal cord injury is challenging.

Sometimes, a hit-and-run accident involves two vehicles, and the details of an injury claim are complex. Any number of serious physical and emotional effects can result.

After a hit-and-run accident, your injury might take some time to heal. While you recover, you should be able to focus on your well-being. People in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia trust Tell Del to manage the legal issues and put their minds at ease.

Tell Del can answer your questions and explain your entitlements. Our lawyers work for you. Unlike ICBC adjusters, who work for ICBC, Tell Del’s obligation is to protect the rights of clients. When you hire Tell Del, you will never have to worry that your words will be used to reduce the value of your claim.

Call Tell Del Today

Don’t handle your ICBC claim on your own. Contact us to learn more. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours.


BEFORE YOU TELL ICBC. We can help you right now. Before you talk to ICBC, contact us. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours.

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