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Is ICBC Watching Me?

Once a claim has been made with ICBC, people often wonder if they will be watched or investigated by ICBC. The answer is yes.

  • ICBC may hire an investigator to periodically secretly videotape you. They will typically surveillance you at home, working and on weekends. They are checking on your activity to ensure you are as injured as you say you are.

As long as you are doing the activities that your doctor has authorized then you can do these activities with peace of mind.

  • Always consult your doctor about the activities you want to do / participate in and any pain you have or get from a certain activity. As long as you are doing these activities under the direction and care of a doctor and providing full disclosure you are protected.

Another element of your life that ICBC will be watching is your work environment. It is important to tell people at work that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. ICBC will often interview coworkers and managers.

  • If you haven’t told your fellow employees or boss that you are injured, ICBC will think this is deceptive behaviour.

You should never comment on your accident injuries on Facebook or any other online sites .

  • ICBC has access to Facebook and all online sites. ICBC is looking for inconsistency. You can’t go around posting pictures about your weekend wakeboarding on the lake when you say you have serious injuries.

After you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision and make a claim with ICBC, you should know they may decide to video you to see if you are as injured as you claim to be. The reason they do this is because they are doing what most auto insurance agencies do; trying to find evidence to reduce the value of your claim. All you have to do is be honest about your injuries and the activities which your doctor has authorized you to do.

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