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Injury Lawyers For Left-Turn Accident ICBC Claims

British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act has specific rules about drivers turning left. The Act says you should not turn left in front of a vehicle that is so close it constitutes an immediate hazard, but often this issue is difficult to determine. Whether you were going straight through or turning left, ICBC may not see it your way.

Do not report the details of your accident to ICBC. Call Tell Del first. We will take care of your accident claim.

Our lawyers have the experience you need to ensure your rights are protected and advanced. In the case of a left-turn accident injury, if you were the driver of the vehicle turning left, an ICBC adjuster might see the claim as cut-and-dry; in reality, many important factors need to be taken into account.

Trust Tell Del. We Are On Your Side.

Left-turn accidents can be complex. Besides the fact of the left turn, many other factors, such as the vehicles’ speeds, driver distraction and road conditions, can all contribute to a more complete picture of what happened. Tell Del, as accident lawyers in Vancouver for more than four decades, knows what details are important.

Car accident injuries can make it difficult to return to a normal life. Injuries may range from broken bones to spinal cord damage. Left-turn accidents, which can include T-bone collisions, often have particularly serious results.

When you call Tell Del, we can give you help right away, often over the phone. We will file your ICBC accident claim and you will never have to speak with an adjuster. As lawyers, it is our duty to look out for the best interests of our clients. When you retain our firm, we will look out for you.

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Contact us right away. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours as soon as possible after your accident. We will give you specific steps to take to safeguard your legal rights.


BEFORE YOU TELL ICBC. We can help you right now. Before you talk to ICBC, contact us. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours.

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