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My Claim and My Lawyer

Lawyers take 30% of the settlement. Won’t I save money if I handle my own claim?

No, unless you are a lawyer experienced in personal injury claims you cannot outsmart a trained ICBC adjuster. Also, and more importantly you will not know what your claim is worth. ICBC always assumes you will recover from your injuries, but what happens if you are still not 100% after the settlement?

Remember, once you sign the “Release of All Claims”, you cannot reopen your claim. The only way that you can be sure you receive a fair settlement is to have an experienced Tell Del personal injury lawyer assesses your claim after your doctor provides a final prognosis. ICBC usually tries to settle quickly and cheaply before a final prognosis is available. Our experience is that we usually recover at least 2 or 3 times what ICBC has offered.

How long will it take to resolve my claim?

You must recover from your accident injuries before we can assess the value of your injuries. Your doctor must have provided us with a final prognosis before we even begin negotiating with ICBC. ICBC is very crafty. If you start negotiating before you have received a final prognosis they will assume that you have fully recovered and then it will become very difficult to get them to change their mind. Keep in mind, the longer it takes you to recover from your injuries, the greater your awarded damages will be from ICBC.

I did not hire a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer right after my accident. Can I talk to a lawyer now that I have a settlement offer from ICBC?

Yes, you can talk to a Tell Del team lawyer anytime you wish. If you want the lawyer to assess your claim you must provide him with all of your medical legal reports, as well as the main clinical records and income loss details. He/she will likely charge you an hourly fee for reviewing the material and advising you on his/her opinion of your claim. It is always best to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer just after your accident so that he/she can ensure that your claim is properly documented and presented.

When and why should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

Hire a personal injury lawyer immediately, so he or she can start protecting your interests as soon as possible. DO NOT talk to ICBC or any other insurers, as anything you say may be used against you. If you speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer first, you will avoid reducing or ruining your claim. Once on the case, most lawyers (such as the Tell Del team) will then handle all affairs with the insurance company on your behalf.

It’s important to note that research has shown, on average, that an experienced personal injury lawyer in Vancouver will recover two to three times more than if an accident victim went without legal representation.


BEFORE YOU TELL ICBC. We can help you right now. Before you talk to ICBC, contact us. Call 604-689-2626 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 604-TELL DEL (835-5335) after hours.

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