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Why Does ICBC Have the Advantage?

Many people wonder why ICBC has such an advantage when it comes to the amount settlements are. Why does ICBC have the advantage? The answer is complicated but simple.

Here is some history for you. Over the years things have changed a lot in the insurance market.Originally there were multiple insurance companies in British Columbia. Now there is only one, except in cases where you are injured in an out of province vehicle. In this case the defendant is always ICBC and that makes it easier for plaintiffs’ counsel or lawyers like the ones at Tell Del. On the other hand, this makes the situation more difficult. This is because ICBC controls all the claims so they know how every claim is decided because they have all the data and all the information. They can keep records of every claim in every part of the province. Talk about a lot of power.

This is what gives ICBC an advantage in dealing with lawyers. ICBC is very efficient at using this information on claim settlement unlike the past. For example, before there were multiple insurers who were headquartered out of province, some were headquartered in the province and they did not communicate their loss ratios and what they paid for injuries.

It was an open issue in the past. If you went to insurance company A, you might get $20,000 for a particular injury, then you went to company B and you might get $30,000 for it. There was a discrepancy in the settlement awards depending on which insurance company you were dealing with. Now that has changed.

Experienced ICBC Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

ICBC has the monopoly. This means that they are the only supplier of a particular commodity. This means they can call the shots, the majority of the time. We have no choice but to coincide with them. There are no other companies to go to. Thus you need to make sure you handle ICBC properly. The lawyer team at Tell Del has experience and knows how to get you the best settlement possible.


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